Wednesday, July 15, 2009


My new project of the summer is putting together a year's supply of food storage. We've been wanting to get the project started for a few months now(about a year actually). Now that I'm not taking classes during the summer I have until August to get it finished. No more excuses.

*Put together a list of the food we use on a regular basis. Most of this food will come from the grocery store with some of it coming from our church's cannery and emergency essentials.
*Estimated how much of that food we would use in a year

*Figure out the expiration date of foods so that the supply I buy of a particular product won't expire before we use it.
*BUY FOOD!!!!! That's the tough part. I am dreading going to the grocery multiple times over the next couple weeks. This will be carts full of food and I can only push one at a time.
*Date the food. Once it in our home I need to mark when I bought the food so that I would use the older stuff first.
*Organize my food storage pantry. This involves getting rid of boxes of clothes and decorations that already occupy our basement and find them a new home. Then I need to find a home for all the food.
*Make labels. I want each kind of food to have a label with it's name and amount need for a year's supply on it.
*Continue to restock the year's supply.

I need to get started on this. Tomorrow I am going to the store to get a cart full of year's supply food (plus milk, frozen peas, and fruit). I need to decide what food to buy tomorrow and what food to buy on Friday, what food to buy on Monday and I'm hoping by Wednesday the shopping part is done. Once I buy the food I don't think organizing it will be a problem. I plan to empty all of the food and other stuff on my shelves and start from scratch. Well, this is what my life will be like for the next few weeks.

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  1. Good luck! If you get this started now, while there's only 3 of you, and keep up with it through the years, you will be glad--Very, very glad--that you started on it now.