Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Birthday Birthday Birthday

This past Tuesday, July 28th, was my 23rd Birthday. For the most part, it felt like any other day except for a few special things.


10. Blake stayed home from work in the morning. He needed to get rid of the stain on our deck and Tuesday morning was the best time for him to do it before we start staining this weekend. I don't care the reason, I was just happy to have him home a little longer in the morning.

9. Blake bought me great presents. I got "If Life Were Easy It Wouldn't Be Hard" by Sheri Dew and tickets to see "Over the River and Through the Woods" and "Little Shop of Horrors" at Hale Center Theater.

8. Blake shaved because it was my birthday. Well, he always shaves on Tuesdays, but told me it was because of my birthday.

7. My Dad called 5 times on my birthday. The first 3 times because I wasn't near my cell phone when he called. The 4th time to sing me happy birthday. The 5th time to tell me the name of the town he was driving through at the time. (Don't remember the name though).

6. Tiffany got me a pound of skittles. I'm sure some of her motivation for that present was me sharing them with her.

5. At my flute lesson I made some improvements on my breathing that I have been wanting to make for years.

4. Blake and I went to dinner at Tucanos in Provo. It's an all you can eat Brazilian restaurant that gives a "buy one get one free" dinner coupon for birthdays.

3. I was able to convince Blake to come food storage shopping with me. He hates grocery shopping so it was a big deal that he came with.

2. Kim, the babysitter for the evening, offered to babysit for free because it was my birthday. She is wonderful.

1. Blake got us a two day, one night reservation at a resort in Sundance. This includes a 700 sq. foot suite, bbq dinner, outdoor play and my most favorite, mountain biking. He really knows how to make me feel special.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Does it ever end?

Does Tiffany feeling the need to poop while taking a bath ever end? I am not kidding...this girl of mine only knows how to poop in the tub full of water and all of her toys. Yuck.

I am sick of rushing her from the tub to the toilet when I recognize her famous pooping face.
I am sick of holding her down on the toilet while she's screams her head off because I don't want poop on my floor too. (I usually fail at the 'not getting poop on my floor' part).
I am sick of cleaning the poop out of the tub and off the floor.
I am sick of having to sanitize her bath toys once again. (Which makes me wonder why I even give her any).

Most of all...I AM SICK OF POOP!!!

Some of my frustration today is also contributed to Tiffany peeing on the floor and bath mat before her bath even started. It was only seconds from when I took her diaper off to when I got her into the tub and sure enough she peed.

The moral of my story is...when you buy a toddler toilet for your daughter and have this feeling that you should put it in the tub because someone suggested as an idea to keep your daughter from pooping in the tub...LISTEN!!!! She loves sitting on her new little potty, this would have been the perfect opportunity to teach her what the purpose of the new toy is.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

American Fork Steele Days

American Fork Steele Days is the best. Today we took Tiffany down to the carnival (which was just a couple miles from our house) and took her on a few rides. Tiffany had a blast! Blake and I had fun watching Tiffany ride on some of the rides by herself. We felt like proud parents watching our little girl grow up.

This is me with Tiffany on the Merry-Go-Round. I sat on the horse with her because she was scared of being on such a strange horse. Before we got around once I heard her say, "weee." We know she was having fun then.

Pointing to the train that we were in line for. She's never been on a rides before but for some reason she knew the rides would be fun.
We found out that adults are not allowed on the train too. We put Tiffany in the seat with a stranger and watch from the sidelines. We were sure that she would cry when we left her in a strange place alone. She was all smiles.
Every time she came around she was smiling and waving and having a good time.
Tiffany loved the train ride.
The next ride Tiffany went on was little ducks going around in a circle. Another 'no parents allowed' ride. We never thought that Tiffany was grown up enough to go on these rides alone but she proved us wrong. She even knew she was suppose to turn the steering wheel to the right.
Just relaxing in the duck ride.

Getting ready to go on the Merry-Go-Round again with dad.
She sat on the horse all by herself this time.

At the end of the day. You can tell that she got a little sun burned. Lesson learned, put the sunscreen you bring on her. She's back to normal now.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Why or Why did I get a BLOG????

I NEVER know what to say. Then, when I finally think of something to say I don't think it's that great and I delete it. I also feel like it has to be grammatically correct and 'A+' worthy. I'm not good in that department so I usually delete it. Silly OCD and the need for my writing to be perfect. Grrrr

My previous post ideas:
*One post talked about how sad I was that my computer won't download anything. Now I can't post an adorable video of Tiffany. Which was what my post for the day was going to be.
*I mentioned in another post I started about how it sucks to be getting sick when I'm going on a backpacking trip this week.
*I even started something complaining about how my foot is still sore a week after I injured it. Another reason to worry about the upcoming trip. I've decided that I'll just tough it out and then see a doctor after the trip.

Now it's late and I don't want to do the dishes...Good night.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


My new project of the summer is putting together a year's supply of food storage. We've been wanting to get the project started for a few months now(about a year actually). Now that I'm not taking classes during the summer I have until August to get it finished. No more excuses.

*Put together a list of the food we use on a regular basis. Most of this food will come from the grocery store with some of it coming from our church's cannery and emergency essentials.
*Estimated how much of that food we would use in a year

*Figure out the expiration date of foods so that the supply I buy of a particular product won't expire before we use it.
*BUY FOOD!!!!! That's the tough part. I am dreading going to the grocery multiple times over the next couple weeks. This will be carts full of food and I can only push one at a time.
*Date the food. Once it in our home I need to mark when I bought the food so that I would use the older stuff first.
*Organize my food storage pantry. This involves getting rid of boxes of clothes and decorations that already occupy our basement and find them a new home. Then I need to find a home for all the food.
*Make labels. I want each kind of food to have a label with it's name and amount need for a year's supply on it.
*Continue to restock the year's supply.

I need to get started on this. Tomorrow I am going to the store to get a cart full of year's supply food (plus milk, frozen peas, and fruit). I need to decide what food to buy tomorrow and what food to buy on Friday, what food to buy on Monday and I'm hoping by Wednesday the shopping part is done. Once I buy the food I don't think organizing it will be a problem. I plan to empty all of the food and other stuff on my shelves and start from scratch. Well, this is what my life will be like for the next few weeks.