Saturday, July 18, 2009

American Fork Steele Days

American Fork Steele Days is the best. Today we took Tiffany down to the carnival (which was just a couple miles from our house) and took her on a few rides. Tiffany had a blast! Blake and I had fun watching Tiffany ride on some of the rides by herself. We felt like proud parents watching our little girl grow up.

This is me with Tiffany on the Merry-Go-Round. I sat on the horse with her because she was scared of being on such a strange horse. Before we got around once I heard her say, "weee." We know she was having fun then.

Pointing to the train that we were in line for. She's never been on a rides before but for some reason she knew the rides would be fun.
We found out that adults are not allowed on the train too. We put Tiffany in the seat with a stranger and watch from the sidelines. We were sure that she would cry when we left her in a strange place alone. She was all smiles.
Every time she came around she was smiling and waving and having a good time.
Tiffany loved the train ride.
The next ride Tiffany went on was little ducks going around in a circle. Another 'no parents allowed' ride. We never thought that Tiffany was grown up enough to go on these rides alone but she proved us wrong. She even knew she was suppose to turn the steering wheel to the right.
Just relaxing in the duck ride.

Getting ready to go on the Merry-Go-Round again with dad.
She sat on the horse all by herself this time.

At the end of the day. You can tell that she got a little sun burned. Lesson learned, put the sunscreen you bring on her. She's back to normal now.


  1. She does look all grown up! She is so cute! Now its time for another one! lol

  2. I can't believe how old she is now!! She way too cute!