Thursday, January 6, 2011

Like Mother, Like Daughter

While we were in AZ we took Tiffany to the Wildlife World Zoo.

One place we stopped was at the flamingo habitat.

If you can tell, most of the flamingos have their heads turned the same direction. While we were there the flamingos were making a funny noise and turning their heads back and forth to the rhythm.

Tiffany commented that the flamingos were singing a song. Not wanting to feel left out, Tiffany started to conduct the flamingos in their beautiful (some what annoying) song.

I'm starting to wonder if Tiffany is going to follow in my musical footsteps. Tiffany LOVES music. She always gets quiet at church during a musical number at church, she loves to dance to the radio, and any word I say can be turned into her favorite song.

After I posted this and was checking to make sure it looked good...Tiffany came up to me and said, "Sing song, Sing song." She even remembers now a few days later that the flamingos were singing.