Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Does it ever end?

Does Tiffany feeling the need to poop while taking a bath ever end? I am not kidding...this girl of mine only knows how to poop in the tub full of water and all of her toys. Yuck.

I am sick of rushing her from the tub to the toilet when I recognize her famous pooping face.
I am sick of holding her down on the toilet while she's screams her head off because I don't want poop on my floor too. (I usually fail at the 'not getting poop on my floor' part).
I am sick of cleaning the poop out of the tub and off the floor.
I am sick of having to sanitize her bath toys once again. (Which makes me wonder why I even give her any).

Most of all...I AM SICK OF POOP!!!

Some of my frustration today is also contributed to Tiffany peeing on the floor and bath mat before her bath even started. It was only seconds from when I took her diaper off to when I got her into the tub and sure enough she peed.

The moral of my story is...when you buy a toddler toilet for your daughter and have this feeling that you should put it in the tub because someone suggested as an idea to keep your daughter from pooping in the tub...LISTEN!!!! She loves sitting on her new little potty, this would have been the perfect opportunity to teach her what the purpose of the new toy is.

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