Sunday, January 10, 2010

Tiffany LOVES to color

This picture was taken in November 2009.

It is very common in our house to have crayons and coloring books laying all over the house. One of Tiffany's favorite activities is to color. From day one, she's been very picky about how coloring perfectly. If she doesn't color in the lines she gets angry with herself. The day this photo was taken I taught her how to color in a swirl instead of doing back and forth straight lines. Later in the day, we were watching a football game, we look down and Tiffany was color the picture shown above. We were completely amazed at her ability to stay in the lines! She also stick with one color for the body and a different color for the jewelry.

Sadly Tiffany has not repeated this, but it's still great that she could do it.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

"You're too young for me"

After 3 years of marriage, (Dec. 16th) Blake still tells me, "You're too young for me." I try to convince him that I'm the perfect age for him because he married me and if I was too young then we wouldn't be married.

I remember the first time I saw Blake. It was at a friend's birthday party in September of 2005. He was new to the area and the girl he just went on a date with was introducing him to the people at the party. He was wearing his red Stanford baseball cap with his orange and red plaid shirt. I remember thinking that he was cute and was secretly sad that I never got to talk to him that night. We've now realized that if we did meet that night and talk, that we would have never pursued a relationship.

The musical was the only way Blake and I could get to know each other and develop a friendship. We were forced to spend 3 days a week for 3 months together and about half way through the musical we started to realize that our feelings were more than just friendship. It is not normal for people with our age difference to be together, so I started to avoid Blake in order to avoid my feelings for him. I couldn't completely avoid him because we were in almost all of the same scenes together and always standing next to each other in those scenes. There was a time on stage that we were holding hands and I remember my feelings for him being so strong that I actually let go of his hand. It wasn't normal to feel the way I did for an older man so I let go because I thought he'd think I was some crazy teenager with a silly little crush. Another time we were back stage and Blake twirled me around and made me do a little dip. I remember looking at him and realizing that our feelings for each other was mutual. We both felt it.

We started dating on May 4, 2006 and were married on December 16, 2006. It is hard to think of life before Blake. It feels like we have been together forever and every second of it has been wonderful. We've come to realize that because of our age difference we have to be a perfect match for our relationship to work. Most of the time we don't even realize our age difference. Blake is absolutely perfect for each other and I love him dearly.

Blake was a deacon (12) and passing the sacrament before I was born.
I was baptized (8), while Blake was on his mission.
When Blake was old enough to date (16), I had not started Kindergarten yet. I think I finished Kindergarten the year he graduated from HS.
Blake started Grad School the same year I started Middle School.
Blake and I graduated the same year, 2004. He was getting his Phd and I was getting my HS diploma.