Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Birthday Birthday Birthday

This past Tuesday, July 28th, was my 23rd Birthday. For the most part, it felt like any other day except for a few special things.


10. Blake stayed home from work in the morning. He needed to get rid of the stain on our deck and Tuesday morning was the best time for him to do it before we start staining this weekend. I don't care the reason, I was just happy to have him home a little longer in the morning.

9. Blake bought me great presents. I got "If Life Were Easy It Wouldn't Be Hard" by Sheri Dew and tickets to see "Over the River and Through the Woods" and "Little Shop of Horrors" at Hale Center Theater.

8. Blake shaved because it was my birthday. Well, he always shaves on Tuesdays, but told me it was because of my birthday.

7. My Dad called 5 times on my birthday. The first 3 times because I wasn't near my cell phone when he called. The 4th time to sing me happy birthday. The 5th time to tell me the name of the town he was driving through at the time. (Don't remember the name though).

6. Tiffany got me a pound of skittles. I'm sure some of her motivation for that present was me sharing them with her.

5. At my flute lesson I made some improvements on my breathing that I have been wanting to make for years.

4. Blake and I went to dinner at Tucanos in Provo. It's an all you can eat Brazilian restaurant that gives a "buy one get one free" dinner coupon for birthdays.

3. I was able to convince Blake to come food storage shopping with me. He hates grocery shopping so it was a big deal that he came with.

2. Kim, the babysitter for the evening, offered to babysit for free because it was my birthday. She is wonderful.

1. Blake got us a two day, one night reservation at a resort in Sundance. This includes a 700 sq. foot suite, bbq dinner, outdoor play and my most favorite, mountain biking. He really knows how to make me feel special.

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  1. So cute!! I wish Jameson was that creative sometimes. Glad you had a great birthday!!And yum I love brazilian food and skittles!!