Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Uncle James cereal

This is for my sister...

Every morning I wake up to a quiet voice by my head asking...

"Uncle James cereal?"

It's pronounced Jay-mess, which is short for her Uncle Jameson.

THIS is Uncle James cereal.

While visiting her Uncle James, Tiffany was exposed to her first bowl of Lucky Charms. Since then, it is the ONLY cereal she will eat. She'd rather skip breakfast that eat a different kind of cereal. And, if I don't get out of bed immediately to get her Uncle James cereal, then I have to deal with a major meltdown.

Since Tiffany is the only one that eats marshmallows for breakfast... This is the cereal that I buy. She found it herself at the grocery store right after we got back from visiting Uncle James. Tiffany had grabbed it off the shelf herself, walked up to me and asked, "Buy Uncle James cereal?" I couldn't refuse.

Of course, this isn't the only time I hear the words "Uncle James" come out of Tiffany's mouth. There's Uncle James:
-and then her toddler ramblings I don't understand include a random "Uncle James."

She sure loves her Uncle James.


  1. Ha so awesome!! I will have to make sure Jameson reads this post!! Lol

  2. Hey! How are you guys?? How's little Addie? I'm dying to see pictures :) Hope you are all doing well!