Sunday, January 10, 2010

Tiffany LOVES to color

This picture was taken in November 2009.

It is very common in our house to have crayons and coloring books laying all over the house. One of Tiffany's favorite activities is to color. From day one, she's been very picky about how coloring perfectly. If she doesn't color in the lines she gets angry with herself. The day this photo was taken I taught her how to color in a swirl instead of doing back and forth straight lines. Later in the day, we were watching a football game, we look down and Tiffany was color the picture shown above. We were completely amazed at her ability to stay in the lines! She also stick with one color for the body and a different color for the jewelry.

Sadly Tiffany has not repeated this, but it's still great that she could do it.

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