Friday, August 14, 2009

Backpacking Trip

At the end of July, Blake and I went on a backpacking trip to Allegator Lake in the Unita Mountains. We had me, Blake's father, his brother Dave plus 3 kids, his brother John plus 3 kids, and his brother Adam plus 2 kids. The hike from the parking lot to Allegator Lake was about 3miles, but with the youngest being 8 years old it was the perfect length.

The two of us before we started on the hike.

The entire group that went.

The view on the hike. It was beautiful!

I'm not sure how it happened but Blake and I ended up being the adults in charge of hiking with the kids. I didn't mind, I just thought it was funny. Those kids were troopers on the hike because we pushed them to go faster than they wanted.

I loved the trees! They were everywhere.

A handful of kids that were with us.

Resting on the rock. My back was pretty sore when we were done. It took about 3 hours to hike 2.5 miles.

The lake by where we camped. We were the only group camping on our side of the lake. There was another group on the other side that showed up the next day. It was nice that we had the place to ourselves. (it made peeing behind a tree more private).

This was such a pretty to be. The only problem was the mosquitos. Between Blake and myself, we had over a hundred mosquito bites. (Blake had more).

John fishing at the lake. We didnt' catch a single fish.

This is me getting out of the tent in the morning. Our tent was the closest to the fire so everyone joked that if a bear came to our camp it would eat us first and give everyone else time to run.

Blake and I went on a walk around the lake and it started to rain.

I decided to sport this lovely poncho.

Blake by the lake.

Hiking back to the cars. Again, we hiked with kids. Since it was raining we made them hike pretty fast. At some points a couple of them had to jog to keep up but they did it without complaing. It took about 3 hours to hike in and just under 2 to hike out.

Me hiking.

Me with the kids.

More resting. We all needed it.

Blake's dad and brothers hiking out.

All finished and getting ready to drive home.
I was really excited to go on the trip and had a blast. Blake was impressed that I did the hike without complaining even though my back was killing me. I enjoyed boiling our water over a small stove to eat our freeze dried meals. I didn't mind finding rocks to go to the bathroom under. The best part of the trip was being able to spend time with Blake.


  1. No. She is too young to hike that far and we had to carry our backpacks. We left her with Blake's mom for the weekend.